In this section we implement the login interface for Larabbs small programs


In the third tutorial, we’ve added the interface for mobile registration and WeChat login, so Larabbs can use:
Cell phone
WeChat Login Sign in in in three ways.

As mentioned in the previous section, if the public platform is bound to other WeChat applications and small programs, then UnionId can be used to get the only WeChat user, but because we do not have a real WeChat mobile phone app or web application, so do not discuss.

The scenario for a small program to log on is:
Failure to find a user who is bound by the openid of the eprogram jumps to the login page, asks the user to enter the user name (mailbox or phone) and password, and then binds the user to the e-program openid, returning to access-token, and the login is successful. You can find the bound user based on the openid of the esmalle, return directly to access-token, and log on successfully.

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