Laravel easy sms

Extended development based on business requirements in overtrue/easy-sms, primarily for the following:
Support sMS verification codes to configure template Ids directly in config
Support sMS verification code customization length
Support for SMS verification code valid minutes, default 5 minutes
Support sMS verification code retry times to prevent users from accidentally mis-sending verification code caused by the need to send the verification code again
When the support SMS verification code is not verified, the user requests the verification code again, which is consistent within a valid minute
Integrated SMS sending routing to support web and api delivery methods
Support for verification code debugging, debug mode can directly query the mobile phone number is currently valid verification code, debug mode will not verify the correctness of the verification code Supports verification codes to send records to the database for easy viewing of send logs and error causes


WordPress post link not found

One of the most common phenomena is that the initial fixed link is not set up and the fixed link needs to be re-modified to allow the article to be accessed. No additional action is required.    Many cloud platforms are problematic at the beginning of the setup and need to reset the fixed link when using it. Modify method: Select your fixed link structure. In the settings → fixed link, you can select the default format, or you can use the structure label to enter the format you want in the input box of the custom structure. So that each address corresponds to a unique blog. For performance reasons, it is not recommended to use blog types, blog tags, bloggers, blog titles as the beginning of fixed link addresses, which are plain Text properties (field), using them as the beginning of the link, WordPress needs more time to distinguish between article addresses and pages (page) Address, and in order to distinguish between additional information to be stored in the database, it slows down the opening of the article. If you are just using WordPress and there is a phenomenon that the article cannot access, it is most likely because there is a problem with WordPress’s fixed link.


WordPress free plugin guide

Whether you’re a developer who likes code or a designer who wants to make high-quality sites easily, you’ll need the help of a WordPress plugin at some point. Sometimes, when you need to add a pop-up window or animation effect, it’s not worth trying to implement it manually. There are already so many good plug-ins, others have done what you need for you, so why waste time making wheels over and over again from scratch? Admittedly, the cost issue is also a factor that cannot be bypassed. But not all high-quality, easy-to-use plug-ins cost money to be used. In fact, many high-score and commonly used plug-ins are free. In a way, the free WordPress plugin is as good as the premium paid plugin, … Well, the words can’t be said to be dead. So, how do you know if a free plugin is trustworthy? Is the free plugin better than the paid version? Which free plug-ins are actually needed and won’t slow down the WordPress site? The reviews in this article will cover these considerations when choosing a free WordPress plugin.


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