WordPress post link not found

One of the most common phenomena is that the initial fixed link is not set up and the fixed link needs to be re-modified to allow the article to be accessed. No additional action is required.    Many cloud platforms are problematic at the beginning of the setup and need to reset the fixed link when using it. Modify method: Select your fixed link structure. In the settings → fixed link, you can select the default format, or you can use the structure label to enter the format you want in the input box of the custom structure. So that each address corresponds to a unique blog. For performance reasons, it is not recommended to use blog types, blog tags, bloggers, blog titles as the beginning of fixed link addresses, which are plain Text properties (field), using them as the beginning of the link, WordPress needs more time to distinguish between article addresses and pages (page) Address, and in order to distinguish between additional information to be stored in the database, it slows down the opening of the article. If you are just using WordPress and there is a phenomenon that the article cannot access, it is most likely because there is a problem with WordPress’s fixed link.

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What is wordpress?

WordPress is the most widely used blogging system in the world. Its powerful open source community has driven its booming. WordPress because of the large number of users, so the community is very active, there is a wealth of plug-in template resources and communication platform. So we will have a lot of strong help in the process of learning and using, there is no need to worry about problems can not solve the predicament.

WordPress was originally a personal blogging system, and later evolved into a content management system software, which was developed using the PHP language and MySQL database. This means that we can build a variety of websites with WordPress. Users can also use their own blogs on servers that support PHP and MySQL databases (critical). Of course, some small partners are thinking, I did not learn PHP and MySQL to do not matter? In fact, WordPress use is as simple as Weibo and friends Circle, in which the use of PHP and MySQL content is also very few. People don’t have to worry about it at all. WordPress official support for the Chinese version. The original version of WordPress was in English, using the utf-8 code (now also OH), from December 23, 2014 released with version 4.1 (see WordPress official website). Of course, WordPress officials also support the Chinese version, while there are third-party language packs developed by enthusiasts, such as Wopus Chinese language packs. WordPress has thousands of plug-ins and countless theme template styles.

Starting from 3.0, WordPress has built-in multi-user blog features that allow you to open a blog platform that supports multiple domains with simple settings.